Will Facebook kill on the dropshipping business craze?

As many of you in the online marketing space have seen the past 2 years or so, the flavor of the day is how to get rich quick by doing dropshipping, primarily via ordering items from AliExpress and marketing them on Facebook. Something to ponder – since most of these products are coming from China and you have to wait weeks or possibly even months to get them, what happens when people start complaining to Facebook? Yes its not Facebook doing the selling or shipping, but people are going to complain to them since they saw they ads on their platform. And the more complaints Facebook gets the more likely they will start to crack down on selling products like this. Already we have seen them ban ads for cryptocurrencies and years ago the free email submit and survey offers due to complaints.¬†¬†They have made it clear they don’t want ads they lead to a poor user experience so those dropshipping now be warned!

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